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101 Ways To Know You Are A Major

1) you started this list of 101 ways to know you are a major Brad fan
2) You have a website dedicated to Brad
3) the first thing you do when you log on is..go vote for Brad in the voting booths, read the ifco forum, check out the Brad folder on AOL, Check your E-mail for post from the Brad mailing list, Im other Brad fans...
4) You have started a VR Trooper collection
5) Your daughter/son walks around the house saying Trooper Transform..or singing Brad's songs
6) You name your pet bunny Brad because it has the most beautiful blue eyes
7) When you call your local Radio station and say hi..the DJ calls you by name and says "Brad still isn't on the playlist, sorry I still can't play him" ..and you go through your whole begging act anyway
8) When you neighbors see you outside they ask you how Brad is
9) You drive through several States to attend a show
10) you e-mail the owner of the entire voting booth site because one site keeps deleting Brads name
11) When Brad sees you at a show several hours away from your home he says "I was counting on your being here"
12)Your E-mail, SN or other nickname involves Brad somehow
13) Brad has his own nickname for your group of friends that go to the shows together
14) Brad's CD stays in your car CD player and usually is playing over and over
15) You have two copies of his for the car and one for the house
16) You have a VCR tape labeled....BRAD HAWKINS
17) You call your radio station more than once a day to request Brad's music
18) You e-mail 4 or more times a day requesting Brad's music
19) When DJ's see you at concerts and other functions they hide because they know the first question you'll ask is "why isn't Brad on your playlist yet?"
20) You know Brad's current set list by heart
21) you know what Brad is going to say between songs
22) You begin E-mailing your DJ's at their Home e-mail Addy's
23) Your now "friendly DJ" e-mails you to tell you he is at another station and to call him there...Then you do and the first thing he says is "we aren't playing Brad here either, so lets gets this out of the way first" (not a country station, but he did play Faith and Shania while I was chatting with him, so I had to let him have it for that...LOL)
24) Your DJ asks you if you are on Brad's payroll, and then tells you that you should be and asks if you will promote his career the way you are promoting Brad...
25) You can name and correctly spell the names of the members of Del Rio, and you also know thier nicknames and their Birthdays
26) You send Brad Birthday and Christmas cards/presents..and you even make him a cake..
27) You pick your lottery numbers based and Brads birthday, the date of the first concert you attended and the number 4 from his necklace
28) Before deciding to attend the concert of another artist you check Brad's schedule to make sure he isn't within driving distance on that day
29) You travel from state to state singing the same Brad songs for 8 hours
30) You call up venues in your area and as soon as you say hello, they say," no we haven't booked Brad yet"
31)When you pull down your sun visor in your car and there is a picture of Brad that you talk to while driving
32) When you do searches on the web looking for Brad's screen name
33) when you get a brad tattoo on your body
34)When you play with your VR Trooper toys and make the Ryan Steel Figure sing Brads songs
35)You have folders in your e-mail labeled : Jacci, Brad Hawkins, Brad Hawkins Fans
36)Your friends and family roll their eyes and say, "Here we go again! " when someone even mentions Brads name to you
37) You tell everyone, That might even be interested, about Brad, even strangers on the street
38) Every morning while getting ready for school and work his three songs are playing on your CD player
39) Your fan club folder, with everything that deals with Brad in it, is in your backpack everyday at school and work
40) You update your Brad fan page everyday or every week just so that everyone will be happy and keep visiting
41) You get a personalized license plate for your car showing you are a Hawk fan!!
42) You start watching SouthPark and King of the Hill..because you know Brad watches them
43) You even have pages on your Brad web site dedicated to Uncle Jimmy and Chicken Hawk
44) You have more autographed pics of Brad than you have of you your family
45) You always seem to be on a "mission" and it always seems to involve Brad somehow
46) You tell anyone who is pregnant that if it is a boy they should name him Brad
47) You have a special savings marked.."Brad Expenses" for all things involving Brad
48) Your house is wallpapered with Brads Pictures
49) You go to vote and you notice that one of the canadates last name is "Hawkins" so you vote for them
50) You went to school with a guy with the last name "Hawkins" and now you are trying desperately to locate him in case he knows Brad

I have created this list with the help of comments and suggestions from many of Brad friends and fans out there....if you have any ideas that you would like to add please e-mail me and I'll be happy to add to our list. I would love to get this list up to 101 items...Thanks to all of you that have helped with this