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This is THE NIGHT...The night I went to a local club to check out a new artist I had seen and heard a little bit about. The night that I discovered just who this Brad Hawkins was....and the night I became a fan for life.

I had discovered that a new artist that I heard about was going to be in town, so I decided to go out and see just what he was all about. I get to the club and meet up with some other fans I had met (on the web) and they quickly were aware of the fact I was a MAJOR Bryan White fan. They told me to wait till I had seen Brad perform..Of course I'm like yeah right...but then BRAD takes the stage!!!!!

Brad has the most incredible stage presence that I have ever seen. The little dances, the facial expressions and the those gorgeous blue eyes kept me glued to my front and center spot. I was totally and completely hooked...

I had heard one song up to this point, WE LOSE , but hearing Brad sing in person really showed off his true vocal talent. I was amazed that I hadn't heard more about him. The night flew by and before I knew it Brad was off the stage. After the show, while talking to the new friends I had made, I was asked how I liked my first Brad show. The only response I could make was....BRYAN WHO......and then I realized that I wasn't the only one affected this way. Brad had completely won the audience over.

After the show Brad stayed and signed and took pictures with everyone. I got to met him and talk to him, and this is when I discovered what a sweetheart he is. What I had seen on stage was just his true personality coming out. He is very outgoing and personable, but perhaps the most enduring quality about Brad is his ability to make you feel like an old friend that he has known for years. Brad hung around and chatted with us for a bit that night and even asked if we wanted to walk him out to the bus. then we said our goodbyes and told him that we would see him the next day at the our county fair....


Brad came running out, jumped on stage and words can't describe the engery and emotion that he put into the song (which I now know is TOO BAD). I stood there, feet against the stage in the front row glad that I had brought my camera. Song after song, I was amazed at the continued energy and emotion that Brad poured into each lyric. He took the audience along on a true roller coaster of emotion.