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The place for links to all kinds of pictures of Brad
Grab that mouse sit back and enjoy...

All the pictures contained in these pages are Mine, except where noted..Please feel free to borrow and use any that you like. All I ask is that you please e-mail me to let me know you are using them and please give proper credit to the owner..

These pages are under construction, but most of the pictures are there..Please come back when I have all the pages complete and linked together...There are some hidden pages you can't get to from these links....LOL

Links to My Pictures of Brad

Addy's Lounge
Manassas VA - June 6th, 1998
Fairfax County Fair
Farifax Va -June 7th, 1998
Fan Fair - 1998
Fan club party -Brentwood Skating Rink
Fan Fair - 1998
Wildhorse Saloon
Ghost Riders
Butler, PA - August 29, 1998
Del Rio
Shots of the guys
Pictures of ME and Brad

IF you have any great shots of Brad that you would like for me to include here on my page..Please let me know...I would love to have them, and I will give you full credit for them