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Weekend of Brad!

The next day after seeing Brad at Addy's, he was here at our local county fair. So we all showed up at the fair very early to get good seats. We were able to get seats right up front, of course we didn't sit down once Brad came out. We ran to the front of the stage and stood there for the entire show. Again Brad was nothing short of amazing. I loved the outdoor setting and much larger audience. I was able to get some really good pictures, even though they are kind of taken at an angle from below the stage. At this show we actually were able to hang out with the band members a bit more and I got to know a few of the guys. Especially Johnny and Opie.After this experience on top of the night before, I was determined that I was going to have to see Brad while I was in Nashville for Fan Fair. Fan Fair was actually about two weeks the next day I called up Jacci..and joined Brad's fan club so I could go to his fan club party. I also called and ordered tickets so I could see him perform at the wildhorse while down there too....