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This page is for you, the fans, I will constantly be updating this page so please check back often. I will have a section here to help keep us all up to date on important information on Brad and his Career..Please let me know if you have any other information that I do not have posted here...I'd love to include it. Another section that I will have is one especailly for the fans...This is where you can ask any questions about Brad or any question to Brad..and I will try to get the answers for you..(I do reserve the right to not post questions that I find inapporiate) With your help I think we can make this page a great one...and one we all can enjoy!


"Come Back To Me Blues" -Next single to be released......July 24 Please call your radio stations and request this great new single....It ROCKS

FAN QUESTION SECTION me out here please...What would you like to know?

Please E-Mail me with any questions for or about Brad, or any comments about my site