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These pictures are from
show in Virginia on June 26th at the Nissan Pavilion.

This was the second time I had taken Ashleigh to see Shane. As you can see Shane picked her up and took her up on stage while he was singing. Ashleigh didn't object at all !!
From the moment Shane stepped on stage he took control and amazed the crowd. He burst onto the stage wearing the local radio station's (WMZQ) t-shirt and bandana as he launched into his set that kept the crowd screaming for more.

Shane entertained the crowd with all but one of the songs off his recently released self titled album Shane Minor. Concluding the set with his first single release Slave To The Habit which is currently racing up the charts.

Shane walked over and motioned to Ashleigh as he began singing A Girl Like That and walked over and took her in his arms. After the show, Ashleigh informed her dad and I that she liked being on stage and is going to be a country singer. SO THANKS SHANE !!!!! LOL

Both before and after the show we were able to have a couple of minutes to say hi to Shane and get some pictures taken with him. He is such a sweet guy and I know that Ashleigh thinks the world of him. Judging by the crowds reaction, she isn't the only one. Shane sure made an impression and he was my favorite of the 7 artists there that day. I do believe that SHANE MINOR is headed for a MAJOR career !!!

All photos on this page are the property of my friend Linda (Slave2Habt) We ask that you do not use these photos in anyway....Thank you